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Alessia Nightingale
29 January 1992
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Mkay, I'm a little odd. My music taste varies on my mood/what I'm doing. Usually if I'm working on homework, I'll listen to AFI or My Chemical Romance, but if I'm driving, I prefer poppy stuff. Sometimes I listen to rap (and by sometimes I mean whenever I drive since I don't have an MP3 player hookup for my car and my cds are all rock) but I prefer hip-hop/dance to rap because rap has a tendency to treat women like pieces of meat, which I don't approve of (See: Carryout by Timbaland and Justin Timberlake). I write a lot of fanfiction and am currently in the process of writing at least thirteen different stories for ten different fandoms. w00t! I am an upcoming sophomore in college and I hope to someday be a writer.

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